Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering, University of Trento

As reported on the official website: “The primary objective of DICAM is the development of research and teaching in important fields of engineering and architecture. The research and teaching activities are developed in six main subject areas, aimed at enhancing the individual and society well-being were they are developed and applied. Within this framework they focus on the quality of the urban and natural environments, the enhancement of the quality of life, security and the harmonious development of society, through the innovation of products.”

Institute of Infrastructure, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Innsbruck

The focus at the Hydraulic Engineering Department at the University of Innsbruck varies between intense scientific research in various hydraulic engineering fields and practical assignments.  Understanding of processes related to the various components of the hydraulic cycle and their related consequences, are in the foreground. For this purpose scale model experiments, numerical hydrodynamic and morphodynamic modelling, hydrological and hydropower topics are processed.

Faculty of Science and Technology, Free University of Bozen/Bolzano

The Faculty of Science and Technology of UNIBZ is characterized by two main study areas: “Agricultural Science and Environmental Management of Mountain Areas” and “Industrial, Mechanical and Energy Engineering”. Within the former area, the “River basin Group” carried out investigation on: morphological dynamics of mountain rivers, hydrology and sediment transport in glaciarized basins, debris flows monitoring; dynamics of large wood; ecohydrological dynamics in natural and agricultural environements.




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