University of Innsbruck

Institute of Infrastructure, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Innsbruck (UIBK)


Univ. Prof. Dr. Markus Aufleger

Full professor for Hydraulic Engineering at University of Innsbruck. He works mainly on dam monitoring and safety, distributed methods in hydraulic engineering, remote sensing hydromapping and hydro-power production. He is a member of both the Austrian Dam Safety Committee and of the Executive Board of the German National Committee on large Dams (DTK). He is the academic reference for the AirborneHydroMapping GmbH, an academic spin-off of the University of Innsbruck, Unit of Hydraulic Engineering, funded by the Austrian Research Agency in 2007 to 2011.


DI Dr. Robert Klar

Robert Klar is a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer at the Unit of Hydraulic Engineering, University of Innsbruck, where he has worked on several research and consultancy projects in hydro-morphodynamic engineering since 2009. His major research activities range from the numerical modelling of sediment transport to predict long-term bed level evolution to the application of Airborne LiDAR Bathymetry (ALB) data to enhance hydraulic, morphodynamic and habitat modelling. In addition, Robert Klar works on scientifically sound solutions to store renewable energy                                                                     to shape an enlightened energy future.


 Dipl.-Ing Katharina Baumgartner


She has finished her studies at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Vienna) in “Environmental Engineering and Water Sciences”. Since August 2015 Katharina is a PhD student for Hydraulic Engineering at University of Innsbruck.  Her research focuses on river morphodynamics, bed load transport and river ecology and is based on field investigations with numerical modelling.





Dipl.-Ing Stefan Jocham

Research assistant for Hydraulic Engineering at University of Innsbruck. His research expertise is on numerical modeling, river ecology, habitat modeling, bed load transport, river morphology and flood protection.


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