University of Trento

Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering – University of Trento (DICAM – UNITN)


Prof. Guido Zolezzi

Associate professor at DICAM, and has expertise in river morphodynamics and sediment transport, particularly through analytical and numerical modelling. He is also expert in ecohydraulics and in the environmental effects of dam operations, namely hydropeaking. He is currently director of the EMJD EU Doctoral Program SMART.


Dr. Walter Bertoldi

Senior researcher at DICAM, as a fluvial geomorphologist. His research focuses on braided river geomorphology, with a particular interest in understanding linkages between flow, sediments and vegetation. The research is mainly based on laboratory modelling and field investigation, in relationship with mathematical and numerical modelling of fluvial processes.



Dr. Mauro Carolli

Post-doc research fellow with an ecological background. His research focuses on the effects of hydropower production on river biodiversity, with a specific focus on river ecosystem services (e.g., fish habitat, recreational services, provisioning services).




David Farò

PhD student at DICAM, with a background in biophysical oceanography. His research focuses on the modeling of habitats, and how habitat quality is affected by anthropic  pressures in alpine rivers.




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